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AGBA’s Executive Development Program (EDP)

In contemporary complex, fast-paced, competitive and globalized business environment, (i) corporate executives, (ii) entrepreneurs, (iii) governmental officials and (v) freelance consultants must be adept at moving quickly out of their comfort zones to build new capabilities for their organizations. AGBA’s unique Executive Development Programs (EDPs) in different areas prepare fast-track leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, officials and consultants to move from mastery of one focused area to success in a broader role. During intense and transformative time-frames, you will expand your business acumen and horizons in key areas as you benefit from the expertise of global participants hailing from a wide variety of industries, functional areas, cultures, and geographical regions.

The knowledge you gain from group discussions led by AGBA’s globally acclaimed trainers, a competitive strategy simulation that dramatizes the connection between management decisions and business results, and peer mentoring will have immediate relevance and impact when you return to your jobs.

AGBA’s distinctive Executive Development Programs (AGBA-EDPs) are designed to increase skills, capabilities, and expertise of participants, who lead key parts of the business and form the pool of future top leadership of their organizations. AGBA – EDPs use multidimensional approach of lectures, small/large group discussion, case studies, role playing, networking opportunities, technology and strategy simulation to provide new insights and give participants opportunities to apply them on the job.

During AGBA – EDPs, you will:

A team of AGBA’s globally renowned experts, from diverse business disciplines, industries and geographical regions, provide in-depth knowledge in core business areas. Training sessions are designed to capture years of experience in the room. Learning groups provide opportunities for exploring issues across business, geographical and cultural boundaries, and social activities promote a spirited camaraderie that leads to deep and lasting connections.

AGBA’s outstanding Executive Development Programs (such as AGBA’s Mini-MBA) are designed for successful functional, country, or unit managers preparing to take on broader responsibilities that require leading outside their areas of education, industry, region, culture and experience.

Participants represent many cultures, industries and geographical regions. They include leaders from across all discipline. Likewise, they come from a variety of industry vertical groups, such as pharmaceuticals and health care, financial services, manufacturing, aerospace and defense, tourism/hospitality and high technology.

You are welcome to contact AGBA’s President/CEO at the following address to design a unique and custom made program for your special needs, requirements and preferences.

Prof. Dr. Zafar U. Ahmed
BBA (New York), MBA (Texas), Ph.D., (Utah),
Professor of International Business
Founder, President and CEO:
Academy for Global Business Advancement
Founder and Editor-in-Chief:
Journal for Global Business Advancement
Founder and Honorary Chief Editor:
Journal for International Business and Entrepreneurship Development
Falls Church, Virginia,