AGBA Resources

Online Resources

AGBA is pleased to offer following online resources to assist its members to augment their professional endeavors to world-class standards.

  1. World Bank Resources:,,contentMDK:20279028~menuPK:556285~pagePK:209023~piPK:207535~theSitePK:213799,00.html
  2. BBC Resources:
  3. Governmental Resources:
  4. Cultural Information:
  5. Global Videos:
  6. Videos, DVDs and CDs
  7. Films
  8. International Trade Webcasts
  9. TV Archives and Film Library
  10. Interviews With Leaders:
  11. Educational Media:
  12. Popular News:
  13. American Chamber of Commerce:
  14. United Nations Webcaste Archives
  15. TV News Archives:
  16. Global Business Cases:
  17. Global strategy simulation
  18. Global Business Simulation Game
  19. Bridging Culture Assessment Program
  20. A Foreign Language Simulation Game
  21. A Multinational Management Game
  22. Global Business Strategy Game
  23. Online Exercise for Students
  24. Online Global Marketing Management System
  25. Online Global Marketing Potential System
  26. Online Export and Import Management System
  27. International Operations Simulation
  28. Interpretive Simulation
  29. MIT Resources:
  30. Miscellaneous Other Relevant Resources: