AGBA Projects


AGBA is contemplating to launch following additional projects in the foreseeable future in order to assist academic institutions and professional bodies across emerging countries to assert themselves on the global stage:

  1. Launch of a Brand New "AGBA Journal" in Collaboration With a Major Global Publisher;
  2. Publication of an Annual "Monograph Book" Consisting of Best Papers Presented at our Annual Conferences by a Reputed Global Publisher;
  3. Upgrading of a Business School to the Global Standards in an Emerging Country Every Year.
  4. Launch of a "Global Doctoral Program in Global Management" Jointly Offered By 3 Different Reputed Universities Based in 3 Different Continents (North America, Europe and Asia);
  5. Establishment of a "Global Consulting Wing" Within AGBA Framework;
  6. Establishment of Additional "AGBA Chapters" Across BRICS Countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) Etc.
  7. Selection of a Business School for Assistance in an Emerging Country for Accreditation By AACSB.
  8. Coaching and Mentoring of Few Selected Academics across Emerging Countries to Acquire Fulbright Grants, Sponsored By The US Government;
  9. Development of Professional Development Programs for the Training of Policy Makers on Indian, Chinese, Malaysian, and Brazilian Economic Miracles;
  10. Acquisition of Grants From Global Organizations for the Pursuance of Global Research.