AGBA Community

AGBA's Global Community

AGBA believes in promoting strategic alliances among business schools across the emerging countries in order to assist them for upgrading their pedagogical, scholarly and professional services to global standards of excellence as mandated by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

AGBA's power of sustainability comes from the following sources:

  1. Its tax–exempt status as an "Not-for-Profit" entity (charitable NGO) incorporated in the American State of Texas to support its endeavors, programs and pursuits across the world;
  2. AGBA's affiliation with prominent business schools across the world provides flexibility and a springboard for the pursuance of professional programs, projects and pursuits;
  3. AGBA is a global platform where West meets East, and the North meets South; and
  4. Variegated, rich, and vast expertise, skills and competencies of its more than 1000 members based in more than 50 countries significantly contribute to its sustainability on the global stage.